Friday, March 10, 2006


Princess Party
~~~Gears for the Girls!!!

Looking for Unique PARTY GIVE-AWAYS???

Fun Party Packs!!!

Princesses and Knights ·

Treat the little party-goers with these fun gears they can wear and play with all day! Great for those memorable photos too!

For Girls: (click Pics link)

Set A: Tiaras with princess wands
Set B: Tiaras with pretty princess jewelries (bracelets, necklaces and purses)
Set C: Tiaras + princess wands + jewelries + princess loot bags

For Boys: (click pics link)

Set A:Medieval swords w/ sheaths (medium)
Set B: Silver swords (long)
Set C: Medieval sword w/ sheaths + fun loot bags ·

A. Loot bags: Kiddie parties aren’t complete without the must-have loot bags!
For Girls: -filled with pretty things inside (rings, earrings, mirror, purse, nail polish, pins, “Disney” princess stickers, candies etc…)
For Boys: -filled with stuffs for the little guys (pins, sticky toys, cars, candies, “Marvel” stickers, etc…)

Hug-a-Bear party ·


A. Teddy Glitter Globes (made of glass) -Inside every water globe filled with glitters, you can see: A cute teddy bear holding an alphabet letter (A – Z) (bears and letters come in assorted colors) -With personalized tags!

B. Teddy stuffed toys -cuddly bears with personalized tags

Water Babies (for a kiddie summer party) ·


What summer partygoer can do without the perfect Hawaiian surfer look???

For the beach babes:

Set A: Cool Sunglasses
et B: Sunglasses with shell necklaces

For the beach hunks:

Set A: Cool Sunglasses
Set B: Cool Sunglasses with shell necklaces ·


A. Loot sand buckets: -filled with fun sand toys (shovel, shaper, sifter etc…)

B. Loot bags:-filled with beach toys (water gun, candies, assorted stickers, pins, etc…)
C. Baby girl in swimsuit (decorative)-with personalized tags
in swimsuit (decorative) -with personalized tags >>>Just pick or suggest what party theme you wanna have and we’ll do the rest… >>>For inquiries and party theme suggestions, please contact us at 09205819522

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Buy One Take Two? Take two Buy One?

i admit i can be very indecisive at times. that's what best describes people born under the sign of the scales.they say listing the pros and cons of the situation helps a lot. i do make a pros and cons list but i end up having equal number of entries in both it doesn't benefit me at all. i don't get it.i always try to maintain a balance between two totally opposing situations.i don't know how to handle dillemmas in life.the d-word leaves me staring at blank spaces most of my waking are classic examples:

Will I order a Bigmac?


-will satisfy my hunger -will add a cm thick layer of fat around my waist
-it's my favorite -it's expensive

Red vs. light pink nail polish

-its striking -its unique
-red is hot -pink is cute
-red speaks confidence -pink is simple

a homebased-job

pros cons
-more time for mini-me -24 hours double job (answering phone calls hile changing nappies)
-no need to buy ofc clothes - no chance of meeting new people
-no need to ride buses and trains -will gain weight from too much sitting
-a bigger pay -no chance of getting a regularization
-no stress -no contract
-more freedom -fixed pay-no increase
-no rules to follow -no security
-no bosses to please - expensive pc upgrade
-time is in my hands -higher electricity bill
-can surf the internet 24/7 -24 hours
-faster internet speed at home -irate clients
-Dsl allowance -boring conversations

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


i took this picture while my brother held a blue light above the baby's face...a miracle indeed!


Little Amy feels sad because noone remembered her birthday. "It's the worst birthday ever! Happy birthday to me!!!", she told herself on her way home. (Illustration Friday entry)

Saturday, December 10, 2005


wow, i can't believe i'm actually into this kind of thing...i guess it's because i spend most of my waking hours in front of a computer. eight to nine hours a day to be exact.
i am enjoying it a lot actually. i don't know if people will enjoy reading what's in this blog though. i'm just excited about this new way of expressing what's in my head (if there's any!). by the way, here is my illustration for "free".

i think i made this last year. i love being at the beach. just sitting on the sand as i stare at the stretch of blue water before me already gives me a sense of freedom. "i'm the queen of the world!"...yeah, i think i know how jack felt that day.


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